We’ll Help You Buy Your New Home!

Purchasing a new home can be a very exiting time for you, but being well prepared is crucial. Let us help you buy your new home by finding the right loan for you. We’ll make the buying and mortgage process easier for you and guide you through the whole process.

Should I buy now?

Buying a home has many perks, you can build equity as you pay your mortgage each month. Many people believe that paying a house mortgage is more expensive than paying rent, which is far from the truth. But, many cases have shown that there are mortgages that are actually less than rent.

But before deciding to purchase a home you need to decide if buying makes practical and financial sense for you at this moment. Consider that pros and cons of purchasing a home verses renting.

Part of the up-front costs

Down Payment: Which typically range from 3-20% of the cost of the home. The higher amount you can put down, your equity will also be greater and also lower your monthly payment. Also, down payments lower than 20% may require to pay mortgage insurance.

Closing Costs: Range from 1-3% of the loan amount, but depend on your area.